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Foreign Travel

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Due to changing Government Legislation, Road Fund Tax Charges will apply to all cars and commercial vehicle groups from 1st November 2021 @ £1.70 per day + VAT & 8/9 Seat Buses: £2.75 Per Day + VAT
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Foreign Travel



Please be advised if you are planning on taking a Day’s Rental vehicle outside the UK after 31 October 2019 on our insurance or C.O.I.

As your current motor insurance provider unless you drive on C.O.I. when you take a Day’s Rental vehicle abroad, we want to make sure you know how a no-deal Brexit could affect your cover.

If you intend to take our vehicle outside the UK after 31 October 2019, or you’ll be returning after this date, you’ll need a Green Card.

What is a Green Card?
A Green Card is an international certificate of insurance that proves your UK motor insurance gives you the minimum level of cover needed in the country you’re visiting.

How do I get a Green Card?
For your main vehicle, you can request your free Green from or request Online at but you’ll need to do this at least two weeks before you travel.

We won’t give you a Green Card automatically so it’s important to request one in plenty of time as you may be refused entry to countries outside the UK without one.

I’m taking a caravan or trailer – what do I do?
If you’re towing anything, you’ll need two Green Cards: one for your main vehicle and one for whatever you’re towing.