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Covid-19 Clean at Day's Rental

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We take the safety of our staff and customers very seriously. The current Covid-19 pandemic has compelled all businesses to review how they operate. Because of this, Day’s Rental have introduced important changes to our cleaning procedures to counteract the risk posed by the virus. Taking steps to prepare your rental vehicle to the highest standards has meant:

· Reinforcing our existing cleaning procedures by introducing cleaning products designed to combat the virus.

· Training staff to be ‘Covid-19 Alert’. This incorporates cleaning protocols, correct use of PPE and respecting social distancing always.

· Preparing vehicles to our Covid-19 Clean standard, this way customers can have confidence that the vehicles they hire and the service they receive; exceed expectation.

What is ‘Covid-19 Clean’?

All vehicles being prepared for rental are subject to enhanced cleaning before being released to the next customer. Vehicles are prepared in a controlled environment where staff respect social distancing, wear PPE, and sanitise hands between each vehicle valet. Using anti-bacterial/viral cleaning products, each vehicle is cleaned paying close attention to the following common touch points:

  • Handles (internal & external)
  • Steering wheel
  • Full length of the indicator & windscreen wiper stalks
  • Gear stick
  • Seat belts, seat belt adjusters & buckles
  • Seat adjusters - height/backwards/forwards
  •  Rear view mirror
  • Cup holders
  • Dashboard & infotainment controls
  • Glove box
  • Keys
  • Handbrake (lever or electronic switch)
  • Start button (if applicable)
  • Heating/cooling controls
  • Air vent grips

Only when vehicles are cleaned to our exacting standards do we assign it our ‘Covid-19 Clean’ standard.

Ready to rent vehicles will display the Covid-19 quality mark to give you confidence that when you hire from Day’s Rental, you’re always in safe hands!

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