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Proud to Support Harley Davidson owners' club on Ukraine Charity Run

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Image for Proud to Support Harley Davidson owners' club on Ukraine Charity Run

Day’s Rental provides a van in support of the HD Wales club on the Ukraine Charity Run

As part of their ongoing efforts to support the people of Ukraine, M&P Direct and Members of the Welsh Dragon Chapter and other UK chapters (Harley Davidson Owners’ Group) arranged a supplies convoy to the Humanitarian Aid Centre in Prezmysl, Poland.

We had great pleasure in being able to support this cause by supplying a van to help the group  transport the provisions.

Aid was supplied by members and friends of the Chapters and personally delivered by the members to the Centre on the Ukrainian border. The members filled 7 vans with the supplies and set off on the 21st April with the 3,000 mile trip ahead of them.

Ladies of Harley Representative Mrs Jo Wiltshire said “Huge thanks to CEM DAYS for supporting us in this trip by supplying the van to us free of charge. Huge thanks all our chapter members for their monetary donations & heartfelt thanks to Lynette Ballard, Principal of Welsh Dragon Chapter Cardiff, for her efforts in getting us sorted. And massive thanks to our Director Steve Link for making all the bookings & taking countless phone calls for us.”

We are proud to have been able to support such an impactful cause.