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Protect & secure your Ford Transit

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You may be aware of the recent concern over the safety and security of Ford Transit vans.
At Day's Rental we take vehicle security very seriously and we heavily invest in security solutions
that are built into our vehicles to deter theft. We work very closely with external bodies to ensure
the highest level of security for our vehicles.
However, we also recognise that professional thieves will go to great lengths to steal from
vehicles and will devise new methods to breach vehicle security.
Day's Rental understand that vehicle security is very important to our customers and in line with
this concern we have a range of ‘anti-theft’, aftermarket accessories which are designed to
impede and deter the ‘would be vehicle thief’ from our vehicles.
Should you have any further queries regarding these additional security measures, your local
Day's Rental Dealership will be happy to provide advice on the options available.
We will continue to investigate any further opportunities to improve the security features on our
Replock Installation Cost
One off payment: £170.00 (+VAT)
Over 6 months: £0.95 per day (+VAT)
Over 12 months: £0.50 per day (+VAT)
Over 24 months: £0.25 per day (+VAT)
Over 36 months: £0.17 per day (+VAT)

Date added: 20th June 2017