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Due to changing Government Legislation, Road Fund Tax Charges will apply to all cars and commercial vehicle groups from 1st November 2021 @ £1.70 per day + VAT & 8/9 Seat Buses: £2.75 Per Day + VAT
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Day's Rental EcoSHARE – legally and environmentally a better way to run your company fleet

As company cars are becoming an ever greater burden on employers and employees alike, many organisations offer incentives for staff to use their own vehicles. Though, too few employers realise that they have a duty of care and a legal obligation to ensure that their employees’ vehicles, if used for business purposes, are safe, well maintained and legal.

New corporate manslaughter rules mean an employer could be liable in an accident caused as a result of improper maintenance. Not only that, but “own use” vehicles are often older and less efficient or economical. A viable alternative is what many refer to as “pool cars”. With a fully managed package, it’s possible to mitigate legal and environmental drawbacks AND save costs to you and your staff.

Some of the many benefits of Day's Rental EcoSHARE:

  • Low CO2 emissions vehicles
  • New, quality vehicles replaced every 6 months
  • Reduced corporate liability
  • Both cars and commercials available
  • No maintenance charges
  • Free delivery/collection

In addition, EcoSHARE includes reports which enable you to identify peaks and troughs in usage – and adjust fleet size; identify the need for top-up fleet with short-term cars; reduce pool vehicle fleet when surplus identified. To complete the package, you can specify additional features in the contract such as web based tracking, fuel cards and much more.

Why not think about changing the way your company treats its fleet? Pooled resources through EcoSHARE can be a more efficient, greener and safer method of keeping staff on the move.

Day's Rental EcoSHARE offers one call for all:

  • Breakdown 24/7 cover & relay via the AA
  • Summary invoices for vehicles every 28 days
  • Monthly management reports
  • Accident management

EcoSHARE from Day's Rental; a better way to run your company fleet.

Email: hire@daysrental.co.uk Tel: 0800 389 76 26 - Click to Contact us today!