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Long Term Hire

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Your business is evolving, changing, growing and your heart says you should smarten your image with new vehicles. Yet your head says, "what if I need to change cars or vans? I wouldn't want that kind of wasted cost." Now SmartHIRE from DAYS Rental means you can cost-effectively run a new vehicle for anything from 28 days to 1 year.

Ideal for:

  • enhancing your company image with the newest models
  • taking on temporary or trial staff who need a vehicle
  • starting up a new business venture
  • providing vehicles for staff on secondment from overseas
  • a "stop gap" whilst waiting for delivery of new vehicles
  • vehicles for temporary projects or short term contracts
  • cost effectively managing seasonal requirements

Benefits include:

  • vehicles when you need them for as long as you need them - no more paying for idle vehicles!
  • terms from 28 days - 12 months
  • all servicing and routine maintenance included
  • various mileage options

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