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The UK's 1st Fully Tracked Rental Fleet

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We are pleased to announce our recently negotiated deal with Quartix, a company that provides award winning GPS vehicle tracking solutions for commercial fleets of all sizes.

With this new contract, we are now able to offer our customers a fully tracked rental fleet on all new ’69 plate vehicles, which can be personally activated for as little as 20p per day*! Visit your nearest Day’s Rental branch or contact us to find out more!

What Can I Track with a Fully Tracked Rental Fleet?

Once onboard, the system can provide you with data from the following tracking features:

  • Real-time vehicle tracking

Track your vehicle and drivers in real time using any internet-connect device. No need for additional software – everything is accessed over the web.

  • Daily driver timesheets

Whether you need to report your fleet data by driver or by vehicle, you can easily see a fleet’s total mileage, driving hours and idling time over a specified period.

  • Driving style analysis

Compare driver behaviour scores across your entire fleet, based on the risk level of their driving. Reports allow you to see acceleration and braking and where they occurred so you can investigate further.

  • Geofencing alerts

If your vehicles need to be either in or out of certain areas at defined times, geofencing can alert you in real-time if ever those rules are broken. Simply mark out each desired zone on Quartix’s map with an easy drawing tool.

  • Management information

The system does the hard work of analysing your data and generating simple reports tailored to specific needs, all accessible on the web. This includes a wide range of vehicle tracking report and dashboards to improve vehicle operations and utilisation.

  • Safe speed database

The safe speed for a road may be well below the legal limit; this is particularly true on rural roads. With a better picture of what speeds are statistically proven to be safe on any given road, versus what is simply ‘legal’, fleet managers can coach drivers to maintain safe speeds, thereby saving lives and reducing loss ratios.

Reap the benefits of a fully tracked rental fleet today. Visit your nearest Day’s Rental branch or contact us to find out more!

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*Terms and conditions apply. Prices exclude VAT. Minimum 6-month term. Available on ‘69 plate vehicles only.